Sophos Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection Tool

Works with your existing antivirus

Block the Windows Shortcut Exploit

The Windows Shortcut Exploit is a zero-day vulnerability, in all versions of Windows, that allows a Windows shortcut link to run a malicious DLL file. Our free, easy-to-use tool blocks this exploit from running on your computer.

First, check your computer

Before downloading this free tool, first scan your computer with your existing antivirus to check for and remove malware that may be present.

Stay protected from the exploit

After you have scanned your computer, download and install our Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection Tool. Our tool will notify you if you happen to browse to an exploited link and it will block the exploit from running.

I'm already running Sophos on my computer. Do I need to install this tool?

No. As a Sophos Endpoint customer you are already protected against the Windows Shortcut Exploit. We detect it as Exp/Cplink.

Video: Windows Shortcut Exploit Protection Tool demo  

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