Case Study: Ipswich NHS Trust

Scarica The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust switched from using several different IT security vendors to consolidating all their security requirements with Sophos. This has resulted both in improvements to network performance and efficiency, as well as richer features and functionality. Scarica subito

"The common interface across the endpoint and gateway products means that all our security is now controlled in a much more intelligible way."
Karl Kroger, Senior Technology Support Specialist

Fact file

Sector: Healthcare
Location: Ipswich, UK
Environment: Network of 2,500 users
Solution: Endpoint Security and Control 
Email Security and Control 
Web Security and Control
EndUser Data Suite

Business challenge

  • Ipswich Hospital needed a secure and reliable IT system to ensure the smooth daily running of the institution.
  • As they hold large amounts of sensitive information, the hospital needed to protect against malware attacks designed to steal data.
  • Busy staff required regular and reliable network access without having to consult administrative support.

Technology solution

  • They chose to use Sophos to meet all of their IT security requirements.
  • Sophos Endpoint protection secures against malware and other threats.
  • At the gateway they are using a Sophos Email Appliance to block spam, phishing messages and other email-borne malware attacks. They also have a Sophos Web Appliance to block web-based threats and ensure a secure web browsing experience for all users.

Business results

  • By unifying network security with Sophos solutions, Ipswich Hospital has seen improvements to network performance and efficiency.
  • They have also seen added benefit in the products’ additional features, thanks to the rich functionality at their disposal.

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I commenti dei clienti

"Sophos ci ha permesso di risparmiare tempo, risorse e denaro"
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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