Case Study: SAP Language Services


SAP Language Services chose Sophos UTM and Sophos SSL Client to connect their global network of more than 100 translation agencies. In doing so they have cut their costs by 50% and greatly simplifies their IT set-up. Télécharger maintenant

“We have received nothing but positive feedback because our translation agencies can now securely access our network resources with just a few mouse clicks.”
Chris Pyne, Vendor Manager

Sector: Technology
Location: Worldwide
Environment: About 1,700 clients connected with 900 concurrent users
Solution: Sophos UTM 525 with Sophos SSL Clients

Business Challenge

  • SAP Language Services needed a cost-effective way to enable their translation agencies to connect to the SAP network.
  • They needed a simple solution that they could manage centrally as many of their agencies had limited technical knowledge, which meant small issues, like the cleaning lady accidentally pulling a plug out of the VPN router, could take weeks to fix.

Technology solution

  • Their two main requirements were hardware independence and ease of use.
  • They also needed quick and easy scalability in order to flexibly integrate freelancers into projects.
  • After short-listing several solutions and conducting extensive testing, they chose Sophos UTM.
  • Key factors in their decision were the user-friendliness of the Sophos UTM and its attractive price-performance ratio.

Business results

  • SAP Language Services has cut their costs by 50% thanks to Sophos SSL Client’s simple installation and configuration.
  • They have reduced third party and personnel expenses by at least 30%.
  • They have also made significant time and productivity savings as it now only takes two days to connect external service providers, rather than the previous four weeks.

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Commentaires des clients

« Sophos nous a fait économiser du temps, des ressources et de l'argent »
Sam Ghelfi, Raymond James

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