Web Filtering

Your workers face 40,000 new web threats every day. These threats can put your data at risk, consume network bandwidth and distract workers from their jobs. But cutting web access really isn’t an option—nor does it have to be. Not with us on your side.

Our web protection can help you:

  • Control what software and web applications users can run with application control
  • Protect mobile users with in-the-cloud live URL filtering
  • Block the latest drive-by script attacks with anti-malware filtering
  • Free workers from the danger of downloads with file type control
  • Avoid risky and inappropriate sites with productivity filtering
  • Stop users from bypassing your web filters with anonymizing proxies
  • Eliminate a blind spot in your security with HTTPS filtering
  • Protect your data and prevent malware from calling home with DLP
  • Monitor who is surfing where and when with Interactive Web Reporting

Why Sophos Web Protection?

Our web protection blocks web threats at the source. So you can stop malware, fake anti-virus, and phishing attacks before they become a problem. You can also create and enforce acceptable web usage policies. Stay secure simply, with web protection from Sophos using Sophos Enduser Protection with a Web Appliance or within our complete UTM solution.