We have been securing the networks and data of NHS organisations for over 20 years and protect over 60% of machines. We are a UK-founded company and so fully understand the need to keep your NHS organisations’ networks and data secure so that you can focus on providing care to your patients. And all against a backdrop of having to meet cost-saving targets and adhering to rigorous compliance regulations.

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Anytime Expert Technical Support

We know you work around the clock, every day of the year and so it is important that you have a supplier who can support this need. We provide 24/7/365 technical support for all of our products, staffed by our engineers and backed by the intelligence of SophosLabs. We are always on hand to give expert advice and our protection is being fine-tuned around the clock. This enables you to make sure that your networks and data are kept secure and you can concentrate on the all-important task of treating patients.

What’s more, our comprehensive range of solutions work together to make sure that you are able to consolidate the number of vendors that you deal with, enabling you to have one point of contact for technical support, keeping the cost of ownership to a minimum.

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Take Control of Your Network

The NHS structure is constantly changing and so you need to be able to adapt quickly so that you can manage new sites and keep your networks secure. Our Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution, amongst other things, provides an easy way to enable you to take back control of remote sites in conjunction with our Remote Ethernet Device (RED). You are able to treat these sites as if they were on your own network, making managing these easy.

This solution has been particularly well received in the English primary care sector as Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) and shared services look to provide services to GP sites and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Some organisations have used this solution to save money by utilizing a normal Internet connection rather than an expensive N3 breakout and sending traffic out through their main gateway. You are even able to provide wireless access at these remote sites which can be fully-managed from your main office.

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Keeping Your Sensitive Data Secure

Securing patient identifiable data (PID) is vital and NHS organisations need to make sure that they do everything they can to stop data breaches. Such breaches can lead to significant fines being imposed by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We help you to take this headache away by providing a range of tools to help you make sure that your data is kept secure. Our solutions encrypt data on laptops, desktops, file shares, in the cloud, when sent by email and when copied to removable media. What’s more you are able to control who can access that data, enabling you to control access to confidential information both outside AND inside your organisation. Our technologies can also fit in easily with your existing workflows. For example, we are able to use your NHS smartcards to authenticate users to our encryption solutions making user management easy.

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Complete security

Our dedicated NHS Team are always on hand to provide you with advice and guidance. We regularly involve senior Sophos management in meetings with the NHS to ensure that the priorities of the NHS are taken into account when planning the future for our products. For example, we recently introduced NHS-specific data leakage prevention rules into our products following consultation with a number of our clients. As a UK-based company we understand that the NHS is not one entity but a plethora of different organisations, each of which have their own specific requirements and priorities. Thanks to our understanding of the market you can be rest assured that we will continue to create our products and licensing schemes with you in mind.

Please ask about how the NHS framework pricing scheme could save you significant money by enabling you to consolidate the number of suppliers that you deal with down. This includes the option of us ‘buying back’ existing time that you may have with your current suppliers, enabling you to make the move to Sophos sooner rather than later.

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