OXFORD, U.K. — April 5, 2023 —

Sophos, a global leader in innovating and delivering cybersecurity as a service, today announced it is named the only Leader across the G2 Grid® Reports for Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Platforms, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Endpoint Protection Suites, and Firewall Software in the G2 Spring 2023 Reports. These categories include the enterprise, mid-market and small business segments, and rankings are based on validated customer reviews.

“As adversaries become more sophisticated and elusive, defenders at organizations of all sizes should implement a defense-in-depth strategy that includes protection, detection and response at every point along the attack chain and covers their entire environment. This layered approach should be inclusive of endpoint security, network security, email security, and cloud security, and augmented by threat hunting and remediation services by subject matter security experts. Attackers have refined their methods so much that this range is necessary to stay secure,” said Raja Patel, senior vice president of products at Sophos. “The fact that IT and security professionals recognize Sophos as the Leader across these key categories is validation that Sophos delivers the best and most comprehensive set of products and services required for modern day cybersecurity.”

Select Customer Reviews

  • Sophos MDR takes threat hunting to the next level. A combination of automated, lead-driven and lead-less threat hunting ensures no threat passes below the radar, and all threats are neutralized before they pose a problem” said an IT manager at an enterprise company
  • “Without their (Sophos MDR’s 24/7 rapid response team), we would not have been able to deal with all the problems that crashed onto us all at the same time. They showed us which priorities we had, which the greatest risks were and which deficits we still had. The monitoring team guarded our infrastructure around the clock and helped to make sure that our IT team got the necessary breaks,” said an EDI administrator at a mid-market company
  • “(Sophos MDR delivers) peace of mind knowing that your environment is being watched 24/7/365 by a dedicated security team. Very helpful to enhance the capabilities of your in-house IT department” said an enterprise customer
  • “(Sophos Intercept X) is an extremely user friendly yet potent endpoint solution… (it) has improved our security posture and given us the flexibility to modify things as we see fit... Its ease of use and access has been a game-changer especially in remote setups and supporting clients in different locations,” said an IT operations manager at a mid-market company
  • “Sophos Firewall is a robust security solution that offers advanced threat protection, easy management, and granular control over your network traffic. Its features help you secure your network, improve network performance, and prevent cyberattacks, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes,” said a network administrator at an enterprise company
  • “Sophos offers us a central management console for all of its products. This makes day to day management and reporting significantly easier than many of its competitors as it covers both hardware stack and software,” said an IT systems administrator at a mid-market company

Sophos Portfolio Overview

Sophos’ robust portfolio of managed security services and solutions – including Sophos MDR, Sophos Intercept X, Sophos XDR, and Sophos Firewall – are part of the Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem where they share real-time threat intelligence for faster and more contextual and synchronized protection, detection and response. They’re powered by Sophos X-Ops threat intelligence, a cross-operational task force of more than 500 security experts within SophosLabs, Sophos SecOps and SophosAI. 

Solutions are easily managed in the cloud-native Sophos Central platform, where users can oversee installations, respond to alerts and track licenses and upcoming renewal dates via a single, intuitive interface. Organizations can also leverage Sophos MDR as a comprehensive threat hunting and remediation service.

About Sophos

Sophos is a global leader and innovator of advanced security solutions that defeat cyberattacks, including Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and incident response services and a broad portfolio of endpoint, network, email, and cloud security technologies. As one of the largest pure-play cybersecurity providers, Sophos defends more than 600,000 organizations and more than 100 million users worldwide from active adversaries, ransomware, phishing, malware, and more. Sophos’ services and products connect through the Sophos Central management console and are powered by Sophos X-Ops, the company’s cross-domain threat intelligence unit. Sophos X-Ops intelligence optimizes the entire Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem, which includes a centralized data lake that leverages a rich set of open APIs available to customers, partners, developers, and other cybersecurity and information technology vendors. Sophos provides cybersecurity-as-a-service to organizations needing fully managed security solutions. Customers can also manage their cybersecurity directly with Sophos’ security operations platform or use a hybrid approach by supplementing their in-house teams with Sophos’ services, including threat hunting and remediation. Sophos sells through reseller partners and managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide. Sophos is headquartered in Oxford, U.K. More information is available at www.sophos.com.