TrueCrypt was popular disk encryption software used by journalists and many others to share information securely, without fear of prying eyes. Somewhat mysteriously, TrueCrypt announced that the software was no longer secure, and advised users to look elsewhere to secure their data. So what can you do now? 

It's time not only for an alternative to TrueCrypt, but for something better. Listen to our Sophos experts in a short podcast explaining why TrueCrypt is no longer available, and get our five key recommendations for what to do next. Find out why Sophos SafeGuard Encryption is a better overall solution than TrueCrypt, and how it can solve your data security problem, simply.

The TrueCrypt alternative: SafeGuard Encryption

Only Sophos offers a single solution for all your encryption needs — for all your PCs, laptops, cloud, mobile devices, removable media, and file shares. Manage all your data encryption simply, from a central console. SafeGuard Encryption won't slow users down.

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Compare TrueCrypt side by side with SafeGuard Encryption

SafeGuard offers way more than TrueCrypt. Central key and policy management? Check and check. Support for Windows, Mac, removable media and cloud encryption? Check, check, check and check. You never got all that from TrueCrypt.

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5 key recommendations for life after TrueCrypt

Encrypting your data and communications is vital in today’s security landscape. Our security experts offer these five key recommendations for moving beyond TrueCrypt to an alternative for data protection.

  1. Use vetted, trusted, operating system-level encryption like Microsoft BitLocker and Mac FileVault 2. TrueCrypt was not using the latest technology, so now is a great time to move to compliant encryption standards.
  2. The real issue with business use of encryption has been key management. You need good key management that enables encryption beyond just full-disk on your laptops.
  3. Data isn't only on your disks. Users are taking it everywhere, especially the cloud. Now's a good time to reevaluate your data protection strategy to make sure you're protecting data everywhere.
  4. Non-Windows platforms need encryption, including OS X, Android and iOS. And don't forget any systems still running Windows XP, you'll need to protect them too.
  5. A thumb drive or DVD can hold sensitive records too. You need to encrypt all your storage devices as well.

Check out the podcast or watch the video below to hear from our experts John Shier and Chester Wisniewski about what happened to TrueCrypt, and what you should do next.

What’s New in SafeGuard Enterprise

Sophos SafeGuard Encryption provides unmatched security, performance, and user experience.

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Still on Windows XP?

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