Next-gen encryption is designed for the way people work today. It enables simple, secure collaboration while also defending your data against the most sophisticated attacks. Find out how it can transform your data security.

Stop Breaches

Collaborate Securely

Stay Compliant

Stop data breaches.

Always-on, synchronized encryption.

Next-gen encryption makes it simple to prevent your data getting into the wrong hands. It’s always on, encrypting all your data, right from the moment it’s created. And the information remains encrypted at all times, even when transferred to a shared folder, USB stick, or the cloud.

Next-gen encryption also synchronizes with your wider IT system, sharing and acting on security intelligence. If your endpoint detects a threat, the encryption keys will be automatically revoked, so your data remains secure if hackers do manage to gain access to your network.

Keep collaborating.


Next-gen encryption is always on, securing all your data on all platforms and devices: laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and the cloud. Users within your organization access the encrypted files automatically. In fact, most people won’t even notice that they’re working with secure information.

When sharing data externally, users are able to make a conscious choice whether to decrypt the file, or to password-protect it. So you can keep collaborating internally and externally while keeping your data secure.

Stay the right side of
data protection laws.

Compliance becomes a whole lot easier when you encrypt all your data, all of the time. No more worrying about what should be classified as sensitive data – by automatically encrypting everything, you always start from a position of security – stay secure.

Introducing Sophos SafeGuard

Sophos SafeGuard is an award-winning, next-gen encryption solution. It's always on, securing all your data all the time without slowing you down. Plus it synchronizes with your wider security infrastructure to deliver unrivaled protection against advanced attacks.

Case Study

Next-Gen Encryption at Sophos

We use Sophos SafeGuard's next-gen encryption capabilities to secure our own data and comply with regulatory requirements – while keeping everyone working and collaborating together. Find out how our own IT team went about implementing SafeGuard and get their tips for other IT teams looking to move to a next-gen approach.