Protect Azure Infrastructure and Data

Secure Azure infrastructure, data, cloud access, and configurations with Sophos. Our connected approach, managed through a single console, protects the life of cloud infrastructure – from the development cycle through to the ongoing security of live cloud services. Identifying both active threats within cloud environments, as well as any insecure configurations before they are exploited.

Take Sophos For a Test Drive

Get your hands on Sophos Central, a single console featuring XG Firewall, Intercept X for Server, and Cloud Optix.

XG Firewall

XG Firewall

XG Firewall protects the network and automates workload isolation with Synchronized Security.

Intercept X for Server

Intercept X for Server

Intercept X for Server protects Azure virtual machines from the latest threats.

Cloud Optix

Cloud Optix

Optimize Azure cloud costs and detect security and compliance risks with Sophos cloud security posture management.

Cloud Security Is a Shared Responsibility

Public Cloud providers offer a great deal of flexibility. And while they’re responsible for physical protection at the datacenter, virtual separation of customer data, and environments, whatever you put in the cloud, well, that’s your responsibility.

Optimize Costs and Detect Risks

Cloud Optix continually monitors cloud configurations, detecting suspicious activity, insecure deployment, and access behavior, while helping optimize cloud costs.

Secure From the Beginning

Automate DevOps pipeline security for secure deployments.

Deliver cloud-native security at the pace of DevOps with automated security and compliance checks throughout the life of Azure infrastructure from build to runtime with Cloud Optix. Scan Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code templates at any stage of the CI/CD pipeline with a powerful REST API, ensuring only securely configured infrastructure is deployed.

All-in-one Network Security With Next-Gen Firewalls

Sophos XG Firewall provides the world’s best network visibility, protection, and response to secure your Azure environments. Integrate multiple, leading security technologies into a single, preconfigured virtual-machine image with extensive reporting, including full insight into user and network activity.


Powerful Single Solution

Get deep packet inspection with IPS, ATP, URL filtering, bidirectional antivirus for WAF with authentication offloading, path-based routing, and country-level blocking.


Web App Firewall (WAF)

Harden your cloud workloads against hacking attempts like SQL injection and cross-site scripting, while providing secure access to users with reverse proxy authentication.


High Availability

Ensure applications and users can always connect with XG Firewalls Azure ARM template for full Active/Active High Availability across multiple Availability Zones.

Unmatched Workload Protection and EDR For Azure VMs

Secure your Azure cloud, on-premises, or hybrid server environments.

Designed to protect business-critical Azure virtual machines without sacrificing performance. Sophos Intercept X for Server protects virtual machines and the Windows Virtual Desktops running on them, from the latest threats, including ransomware, fileless attacks, and cloud-specific malware.


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Take threat hunting and IT security operations to the next level with powerful querying and remote response capabilities.


Deep Learning Technology

Artificial intelligence that secures cloud workloads against both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.


Lock Down Your Virtual Machines

Control exactly what can and can’t run on your virtual machines and get notifications for any unauthorized change attempts to critical files and folders.

How to Buy

Sophos Cloud Security is available through a global network of channel partners and from Marketplace.

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