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Sophos Mobile Control can be licensed and deployed in different ways:

  • Choose How to Deploy

    Choose Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise software. Both are licensed per user.

  • Choose Your License

    The on-premise version of Sophos Mobile Control is also available as part of our Enduser Protection bundles.

Choose How to Deploy

  • Software as a Service: A Sophos-hosted solution

    No change to your IT required, so you’re up and running in minutes.

    The SaaS version of Sophos Mobile Control is available as a stand-alone license only and is not included in any of our product suites.

    • All your device management from a simple web console: no installation, no maintenance
    • Option to provide access to your directory server via LDAPS
    • Option to add an email gateway to control the flow of email to your mobile devices based on compliance rules
  • On-premise software: Software you install and manage on your own on-site server.

    If you want to keep all your data in-house on your own server, this is the ideal version for you.

    • Fully integrated into your IT environment
    • Installed on your premises, so all your data stays in-house
    • LDAP connection to your existing user directory
    • EAS proxy to control email access based upon compliance

Choose Your License

Mobile Control Standard Mobile Control Advanced Enduser Protection
Mobile Device Management
Mobile Security Optional
Mobile Encryption Optional
Deployment options SaaS or on-premise SaaS or on-premise On-premise
Also included n/a n/a Endpoint Protection Advanced

The on-premise version of Sophos Mobile Control is also available as part of our other Enduser Protection bundles.

Optional Features

  • Sophos Mobile Security

    We know how important it is to have full control over your mobile protection. That's why you can optionally integrate our Mobile Security app into your Mobile Control console and fully manage all features from there. Included in Sophos Mobile Control Advanced.

  • Sophos Mobile Encryption

    Sophos Mobile Encryption extends your SafeGuard data protection to your mobile devices and provides a document repository for your iOS and Android devices. Included in Sophos Mobile Control Advanced.