Advanced Threat Detection and Incident Response

Modern proactive endpoint security

Detecting advanced threats today requires proactive techniques. Threats evolve and change too quickly to rely solely on reactive defenses. And stopping them is another set of tactics entirely. This is where Sophos shines. Intercept X has the tools to hunt and defeat endpoint threats in all forms, with automated, AI-powered protection. Meanwhile, Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is full-service threat prevention cyberecurity service operated 24/7 by an expert team of threat hunters and incident responders ready for battle.

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Stay ahead of constantly evolving threats

Intercept X offers the best malware detection engine in the industry. Powered by deep learning technology, it recognizes and reacts to the behaviors that indicate a threat is present. Plus, with exploit prevention, Intercept X blocks the techniques hackers rely on to capture your data. Your information is protected by technology designed to stop the insidious threat of ransomware, preventing unauthorized encryption of files and restoring damaged files to their original state.

Protect your most valuable assets with solutions that detect suspicious events and respond to incidents quickly. With extended detection and response (XDR), you can take your targeted threat hunting further, conduct deeper investigations, and respond faster to incidents.

But powerful automated defenses aren’t enough in today’s dangerous online environment. With Sophos MDR, you have the benefit a renowned team of experts actively hunting threats – and taking action against those threats. You don’t have to enter the fray alone.

Sophos advanced threat detection and response provides:

Managed Detection and Response

Know what’s happening where, when, and why with 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response – all delivered by a team of experts as a fully managed service.

Extended Detection and Response

Don’t stop at prevention. XDR goes even further and detect additional threats, extensively investigate incidents, and rapidly respond to those threats.

Remote Ransomware Security

Sophos Endpoint uses CryptoGuard to actively examine content and stop malicious encryption, roll back files to unencrypted states, and block attacking remote device IP addresses.

Threat detection and remediation built for the future

Sophos offers powerful deep learning A.I. malware detection, anti-ransomware, anti-exploit technology, root cause analysis. This provides automated, proactive detection, while our MDR managed service provides active threat hunting and incident response by world-class experts.

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Don’t let unknown threats keep you up at night. Let the proactive defenses from Sophos enable you to spend less time worrying about threat response and remediation and more time on the tasks that matter most. Sleep well knowing that your assets and endpoints are guarded around the clock by the best experts in the industry.

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