Sophos Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint protection is no longer just about antivirus. You need endpoint detection and response that block never-before-seen attacks. Sophos Intercept X uses a wide range of tactics to stop ransomware and advanced threats from impacting your end users. And when your organization is targeted, you need to know why and how.

Sophos doesn’t just provide endpoint threat defense. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offers expertise to investigate suspicious activity and the intelligence you need to determine your follow-up steps after an attack for better remediation.

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Detect Malicious Threats – and Understand Them

For most IT security professionals, not knowing where the next attack will come from and what form it will take is what keeps them up at night. Intercept X with XDR uses powerful artificial intelligence to identify threats before they can take hold of your data. It offers the power of a threat hunting team without adding to your headcount.

Endpoint detection and response capabilities are exactly that: they detect threats to the endpoint, including those other forms of security can’t identify or notice. Sophos searches for indicators of compromise across the network and analyzes files to determine if they are a threat or potentially unwanted.

Sophos doesn’t stop at detection. Sophos MDR responds with the power of a highly-trained team of analysts you understand exactly what dangers the threat posed, so you can remediate the situation and be better prepared for the next intrusion.

Detect, Block and Prevent Cyberattacks with:

Synchronized Security

Simply and unify your defenses with Sophos Synchronized Security. Your solutions will share real-time threat intelligence between endpoints and firewall for better, faster response to threats.

Automated Expertise

Built-in machine learning combined with the very best in threat intelligence from SophosLabs helps you increase security without adding headcount.

Deep Learning Protection

Our powerful neural network is an advanced form of machine learning that detects known and unknown malware without signatures.

Continuous Monitoring and Response

Sophos XDR ensures you don’t waste time on incidents that should have been stopped in the first place. Intercept X with XDR combines the industry’s best endpoint and server protection to block the vast majority of threats before they require manual investigation. Don’t spend time and hours chasing lesser challenges. Let Intercept X block those so you can focus on the greatest potential threats.

And when those greater threats do emerge, you’ll have the tools you need to answer tough questions about the incident. Understand the impact and scope of ransomware and other malware attacks. Sophos MDR has a team of experts that provide guided incident response to help you make faster, more informed decisions, plan your next steps, isolate infected devices, and wipe out the threats from your system.

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection

Sophos antivirus and encryption products have been securing business data for over 35 years. Today, our products help secure the networks used by 100 million people in 150 countries and 550,000 businesses. At Sophos, we tackle security challenges like enterprise antivirus with clarity and confidence, knowing that simple security is better security.

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