Search Tips

To search the Sophos website or our knowledgebase, just type in a few words that describe whatever it is you're looking for. The search engine will look for pages that contain all the words that you've keyed in. Your words won't necessarily appear next to each other or in the order in which you wrote them, when the results of your search are displayed. The pages are displayed in the order of their anticipated usefulness to you.

How you can make your search more successful:

Common words, capitals or accent marks
Common words such as "and" "the" and "a" won't help your search, so you can leave them out. You don't need to worry about capital letters and accent marks. For instance, searching for "Sophos Anti-Virus" and "sophos anti-virus" will give you the same results, as will "vorschläge" (German for "information") and "vorschlage".

Include whole phrases
Put double quotation marks around a whole phrase so that the search engine doesn't hunt for those words individually. An example of this is: "download IDE files". The search engine will first try to find all the pages where that phrase occurs. It will list those first, followed by the pages where those words appeared individually.

Try variations on words
For example, if you are searching for the word "update" and no results were found, you may want to search for "updating".

If you get too many results, try adding another word to define your search more precisely. If too few results are returned, make sure you are spelling the words correctly. If you still have too few results, then you could try removing a word to define your search more broadly. Or you could try searching a variation of your word or words.

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