Tanglin Trust School, Singapore


Sophos next-generation cybersecurity software ensures a level of protection is in place before devices are hooked into the school’s network even if they are off site.

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Tanglin Trust School is an international school in Singapore providing British-based learning with an international perspective for students aged three to 18. Established in 1925, Tanglin Trust School runs as a non-profit organization.

Business Challenge

  • The school needs to manage and protect a wide range of computers, laptops, and other digital devices from cyberattacks and suspicious online threats for students and staff.
  • With the move to work and learn from home, the level of security is at a higher risk compared to on campus.
  • With a strong foundation of cybersecurity in place with Sophos, the school still closely monitors for human error and complacency.

The benefit of using Sophos

With detailed monthly reports from Sophos, Tanglin Trust School can keep track of the possible threats that are being prevented. Being able to clearly see the number of threats blocked by Sophos reflects the value the school is getting from its investment in digital security. “Having this endpoint protection is the first line of defense for us,” Keith Rutherford, Director of Technology at Tanglin Trust School said.

Tanglin Trust School also uses information provided by Sophos to tailor its cybersecurity awareness efforts and internal training. Rutherford shared, “Sophos provides relevant information, such as details regarding existing and new threats. We take that general information in order to adapt it and share with our staff, students, and our broader community.”

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