Sydney Church of England Grammar School, Australia

Sophos goes above and beyond to protect Shore against escalating cyber-attacks

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Shore, also known as Sydney Church of England Grammar School, is a comprehensive independent boy’s school located in North Sydney. The school welcomes girls and boys from its Early Learning Centre until Year 2 and then boys from Years 3 to 12. Shore aims to provide students with broad and in-depth courses of learning and opens up a range of pathways for their futures.

Shore regularly reviews available cybersecurity solutions, seeking new tools and services to update its cybersecurity infrastructure. “It’s a fast-moving space, you really have to be reviewing what vendors can offer on a regular basis,” said Richard Jones, ICT Manager at Shore.

The benefit of using Sophos

The Sophos team’s diligence, proactivity, and ability surpassed Shore’s expectations. Sophos made day-to-day use easy through Sophos Central, which helped Jones and Shore become more productive. 

Sophos Central’s usability gave Shore additional peace of mind. With Sophos’ intuitive user experience interface, Jones and his team were able to understand threat notifications easily and quickly, which has proven crucial in many scenarios, significantly reducing the stress and anxiety Shore’s tech team felt when facing an attack.

“When you need to deep dive, the platform is intuitive and comprehensive. We can follow our noses and get the right info confidently. This became a huge time-saver and quickly answers any concern that we might have,” said Jones.


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