Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd

Automated Detection: How Sophos helped MYDIN manage 3,000 connected devices

Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd (MYDIN) is one of the largest retail and wholesale grocery chains in Malaysia. The company operates 73 outlets nationwide including a chain of premium stores called Sam’s Groceria. Due to its widespread network and offices nationwide, maintaining a complex information technology architecture has been a challenge for MYDIN. As the company grew, it moved from a manual to a digital framework in 2002 when Malik Murad Ali, MYDIN’s chief information officer, established its IT department. Malik’s main goal was to centralize MYDIN’s systems and management for a better information system. Currently backed by a team of 70 IT employees, MYDIN has centralized all servers and systems including finance, enterprise resource planning/supply chain, and risk management, and has also virtualized all its servers and desktops.

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