How to Buy

Decide how to deploy

Sophos Server Protection can be deployed and managed either through the Sophos-maintained Sophos Central website, or through an on-premise management console. Both deliver outstanding performance and protection. See the table to licensing options below for details of the features available across the two price tiers on both Sophos Central and on-premise with the Sophos Enterprise Console (purchased separately).

On-Premise Managed/Sophos Enterprise Console Cloud Managed/Sophos Central
  Server Protection for Virtualization, Windows, and Linux Server Protection Enterprise Central Server Protection Standard Central Server Protection Advanced
Pricing Per Server Per Server Per Server Per Server
Windows Server
UNIX (HP/UX, Solaris, AIX)
Application Whitelisting and Server Lockdown1
Anti-malware/HIPS1/Live Protection
Web Security/Download Reputation
Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA)
Web Control (URL blocking), Application Control (Limit access per category), and Peripheral Control (e.g., USB)
Automatic Scanning Exclusions1
Malicious Traffic Detection
Sophos Enterprise Console
On-Premise Server
Sophos Central
Cloud-Based Management
Manages Sophos Endpoint, Mobile, Email, Web Gateway, and Wi-Fi

1All features available on Windows. Not all features are currently available on Linux.