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Choose How to Deploy

No matter which deployment option you choose, you get advanced protection that you can extend everywhere, lightning performance, rich reporting, granular controls, and easy ownership.

Sophos Web Appliance (Hardware/Virtual)

Choose from our range of lightning fast hardware appliance models ideally suited for small business all the way up to large enterprises. Or select our VMware-ready virtual appliance that’s easy to deploy into your virtualization infrastructure and size the appliance accordingly. Both offer easy wizard-based setup and come with our unique managed-appliance service that includes remote monitoring and automated updates.

Visit our Compare Models page for hardware appliance model details and virtual appliance sizing guidelines or download the datasheet.

Extend Your Protection and Management

Protecting Offsite Users

If you want to extend your Web Appliance policy and protection beyond your local network to offsite Windows users as well, we highly recommend our Sophos Endpoint Protection. It simply works with the Sophos Web Appliance, providing you hybrid enforcement on the go.

When a user is offsite, the Endpoint takes over proxy scanning, and enforcement keeping users compliant everywhere they go. It also automatically relays activity data back to the Web Appliance for real-time reporting. It’s an elegant solution to a complex problem. Check out our Enduser Protection for great savings and value on these combined products.

Alternatively, add Sophos Cloud to your Web Appliance for hybrid enforcement to protect your offsite users on Windows, Macs, iOS, and Android.

Centralized Management

If you have multiple Sophos Web Appliances, we offer a Sophos Management Appliance to provide seamless centralized management, policy replication, and consolidated reporting across your entire network. It makes managing web security and enforcement on large distributed networks easy.

The Sophos Management Appliance is available in two models. The SM2000 is suitable for organizations with up to 2000 users, and the SM5000 suits organizations up to 15,000 users. Get a side-by-side comparison of our hardware.