Sophos SD-WAN Savings Calculator

See how much you can save by switching from MPLS to Sophos SD-WAN

Reduce reliance on expensive MPLS links by switching to SD-WAN. Maintain or increase application performance and availability.

How many sites do you have?
Current bandwidth of MPLS link
Monthly payment for MPLS link
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Monthly payment for internet link
How much will you reduce MPLS?

The results provided by this tool are an estimate based on the information you provide. Your actual savings may vary.

See Your Savings

Current Monthly Cost

US$ 250

Projected Monthly Costs

US$ 150

Monthly Cost Reduction


Three-year Savings

US$ 3,600

Sophos can help you decrease costs by offloading some or all of your MPLS connections to less expensive local internet services like 3G/4G, DSL, and cable. We'll work with you to build a secure, highly available, and higher performance WAN at a significant savings.

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