Sophos Central Firewall Data Storage Estimation Tool

Determine the optimal firewall data storage capacity for your needs

Need more storage? Add capacity in the cloud with CFR Advanced.
Extend the data retention period up to 365 days.

Storage Estimation


Select your firewall platform.

Firewall Model

Select your firewall model.

Desired Retention Period

Select the desired length of the data retention period.

This is the average number of logs generated by your firewall daily.

Avg. Logs/Day

This is the average amount of storage the firewall logs consume daily.

Avg. Storage Size/Day

Log data is compressed and routinely sent to your Sophos Central account. This is the average bandwidth used by this process daily.

Avg. Bandwidth Usage/Day

This is the estimated amount of storage needed to meet your desired retention period. See the maximum storage capacity for each firewall.

Estimated Storage Needed

The results provided by this tool are an estimate based on the information you provide. Your actual storage needs may vary.