Sophos Ltd End User Undertaking

Dear Sophos Customer,

If you have received this form, or have been directed to prepare it, it means that you or your customer places orders with Sophos Ltd (or one of its affiliates).

The UK Government requires completion of a Consignee Undertaking from parties-to these transactions as a condition of Sophos's country license agreement (OIEL). This should be prepared by the Bill-to partner, as defined in UK government guidance note which can be viewed on the below link:-

Any orders for Sophos Hardware as defined in the list below are controlled products, and the below mentioned Sophos products are controlled as per the UK strategic export control lists and in accordance with EU Council Regulation 428/2009 Sophos controlled hardware 5A002 that can include loaded controlled software 5D002 are included on this strategic export control list, and when shipping from the EU will be export held until this form is completed to ensure Sophos corporate compliance policy is adhered to.

  • Sophos Unified Threat Management Systems
  • Sophos Remote Ethernet Devices
  • Sophos Access Point Appliances

Without preparation and submission of these forms, Sophos Ltd could lose their bulk or by country export license privileges, resulting in all future orders of encryption products requiring individual export licenses. This would result in delays upwards of 8 weeks per order.

A prepared and approved Undertaking form will be considered valid for one year, and will be stored at Sophos's facilities in Abingdon, United Kingdom.

Please find the required form in pdf format, containing both the step-by-step instructions and form to be prepared.

Instructions are on the next page

Best regards,
Sophos Legal Department


  1. The UK Consignee Undertaking form is on page 3 and 4 of this document
  2. The Company Name and Address must match the Bill To information that is displayed on your Sophos order(s).
  3. Put your company name & address in the # field
  4. Please complete either Number (i) OR Number (ii) of the form (but not both)
  5. All requested information is required.
  6. The form must be printed on company letterhead (all pages)
  7. The form requires a Company Stamp.
  8. Please send a soft copy of the form to, export will review and approve the form before you send a hard copy
  9. Once approved, please send the Original signed copy to:
    Paul Woodward
    Sophos Ltd, Legal Dept.
    The Pentagon, Abingdon Science Park
    OX14 3YP, United Kingdom

If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


We #.certify the goods shown below have been purchased from Sophos Ltd.


Sophos Unified Threat Management Systems, Remote Ethernet Devices or Access Point Appliances hardware, software, and technology using cryptographic techniques controlled under entries 5A002, 5D002, and 5E002.

For more information, please visit the Sophos legal pages at where the export information for all Sophos products is listed.

And the above mentioned products are for the following purpose(s):

  1. *I/We also certify that the items above are for *my/our own use and will not be re-exported.
  2. *I/We also certify that we intend to sell the items above to bona fide customers in (name of destination and sector …..) and they will not be re-exported
  3. *I/We certify that the items above are for the end use of the [name of sector and destination against Government Purchase Order/Contract Number [ ]."

*I/We confirm that the items above will not be used for purposes associated with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or missiles capable of delivering such weapons, nor will *it/they be resold if *I/we know or suspect that *it/they are intended or likely to be used for such a purpose

*I/We confirm that the items above will not be re-exported or otherwise re-sold or transferred to a destination subject to UN, EU or OSCE embargo where that act would be in breach of the terms of that embargo †

*I/We confirm that the items , above or any replica of them, will not be used in any nuclear explosive activity Τ or unsafeguarded nuclear fuel cycle‡.



Job Title


* Delete as appropriate.

† An up-to-date list of applicable destinations subject to arms embargoes can be found here:

Τ includes research on or development, design, manufacture, construction, testing or maintenance of any nuclear explosive device or components of subsystems of such a device.

‡ includes research on or development, design, manufacture, construction, operation or maintenance of any reactor, critical facility, conversion plant, fabrication plant, reprocessing plant, plant for the separation of isotopes of source or special fissionable material, or separate storage installation, where there is no obligation to accept IAEA safeguards at the relevant facility or installation, existing or future, when it contains any source or special fissionable material; or of any heavy water production plant where there is no obligation to accept IAEA safeguards on any nuclear material produced by or used in connection with any heavy water produced there from; or where any such obligation is not met