Proactive defenses against constantly evolving threats

Intercept X offers the best malware detection engine in the industry. Powered by deep learning technology, it recognizes the behaviors that indicate a threat is present and takes action. Exploit prevention blocks the techniques hackers rely on to capture your data. And Intercept X offers technology designed to stop ransomware, preventing unauthorized encryption of files and restoring damaged files to their original state.

Intercept X can run alongside existing antivirus solutions, while Intercept X Advanced replace existing endpoint security. Protect your most valuable assets with solutions that detect suspicious events and respond to incidents quickly. And now, with endpoint detection and response (EDR), you can take your targeted threat hunting further with deeper investigation and response to incidents.

Supplement automated defenses with Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR). You’ll have world-class expertise ready to watch for threats and respond the way you want them to. Where other managed detection and response (MDR) services only alert you when an attack occurs, MTR takes action, moves to remediate any damage done, and offers a plan to ensure it never happens again.

Sophos Intercept X Includes:

Deep Learning

The AI built into Intercept X is a deep neural network, an advanced form of machine learning, that detects known and unknown malware without signatures.

Exploit Prevention

Attackers use the same key exploits constantly. Intercept X spots when hackers use the most relied-upon exploit techniques and stops attacks before they start.

Ransomware Protection

Intercept X hunts down and identifies ransomware behavior and prevents it, while rolling back damaged files back to their original state with CryptoGuard technology.

Advanced EDR

Go beyond prevention to detect additional threats, investigate incidents further, and respond to those threats with confidence with the advanced EDR functionalities of Sophos.

Synchronized Security

Simply and unify your defenses with Sophos Synchronized Security. Your solutions will share real-time threat intelligence between endpoints and firewall for better, faster response to incidents.

Simplified Management

By managing your security through Sophos Central, you’ll be able to install or deploy your defenses through a single user-friendly console, protecting your end users everywhere.

Sophos MTR service tiers

Tailor your managed security response with Sophos MTR tiered service plans. Other services just alert you to a threat. With Sophos MTR, you decide what actions they should take on your behalf so you get the threat hunting and protection that works best for you.

Standard Tier

  • 24/7 lead-driven threat hunting
  • Adversarial detections
  • Security health check
  • Activity reporting

Advanced Tier

Includes all the features of Standard, plus:

  • 24/7 leadless threat hunting
  • Dedicated threat response lead
  • Direct call-in support
  • Enhanced telemetry
  • Proactive posture improvement
  • Asset discovery

Threat Hunting Built for Today and Tomorrow

Passive threat detection is the way of the past. To stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats, you need solutions that offers a threat hunting framework that uses next-gen technology and powerful expertise to identify threats before they happen.

With Sophos, you’ll receive powerful deep learning malware detection, anti-ransomware, anti-exploit technology, root cause analysis, and more. Don’t let unknown threats keep you up at night. Let the proactive defenses enable you to spend less time worrying about threat response and remediation and more time on the tasks that matter most. Sleep well knowing that your assets and endpoints are guarded around the clock by the best experts in the industry.