Better understand the experiences of IT security professionals

5,400 IT professionals from 30 countries contributed to this report, providing fresh insights into how cybersecurity changed over 2020 directly from those at the frontline.

In this report you’ll find:

  • Which sectors saw the biggest increase in cyberattacks last year
  • How experiences of cyberthreats affected IT team morale
  • The silver lining of increased in IT security workload
  • Plans for in-house and outsourced IT teams over the next two and five years
  • Five recommendations to help build your IT team of the future, now

Some of the topics covered in The IT Security Team: 2021 and Beyond

The changing IT security workload

Which sectors experienced the biggest increase over 2020

Where attacks are happening

Find out which countries saw the biggest increase in cyberattacks last year

The impact of increased workload

Explore the correlation between workload and skill development

Who can stop attacks

Learn which industries are are most challenged by sophisticated attacks

The future of in-house teams

Hear how many organizations plan to expand their in-house security teams

Plans for IT security outsourcing

Uncover the percentage of organizations looking for outside expertise

Start building the IT security team of the future – today

Based on the experiences and future plans of 5,400 IT managers, this report provides five steps to enable organizations to start building their future IT security team now to set themselves up for success in 2021 and beyond.