Sophos provides a comprehensive solution for phishing prevention

Every day, SophosLabs processes millions of emails to stay ahead of the latest attacks, because let’s face it: phishing is constantly evolving. With Sophos Email Security and Sophos Phish Threat, you can easily protect your organization against both the known and the unknown.

Sophos Email Security helps keep threats from getting in through email, while Phish Threat helps your end users recognize the tactics phishing messages use to try to trick them into giving up pivotal information.

Plus, Sophos sandboxing utilizes the same powerful technology as our award-winning Intercept X software, which isolates threats before they can infiltrate your entire organization.

Sophos phishing attack solutions can:

Block Stealth Attacks

Sophos Email Security checks links before they even reach a user’s inbox and again before they’re clicked for two levels of protection

Reduce the Attack Surface

Sophos Phish Threat allows you to simulate hundreds of challenging threats in just a few clicks, educating users about phishing.

Block Imposter Addresses

Compare display names from inbound emails with those of VIPs and commonly abused service brand names to block phishing attempts.

Isolate Threats

With Sophos Sandstorm, ransomware and other malicious programs are completely isolated in a sandbox and away from the rest of your network before it’s too late.

Identify At-Risk Users

Sophos Synchronized Security connects Phish Threat with Sophos Email to identify users who have been warned or blocked from visiting a website due to its risk profile.

Protect Against Spam and Malware

Block 90% of malicious IPs and filter the rest through anti-spam and antivirus engines before they reach a user’s inbox.

Show Comprehensive Reporting

Uncover high-risk users, get top-level performance, and see when your last campaign was live. Plus, automatically enroll employees in training to improve awareness.

Offer Incident Response

Manage multiple lines of defense from email-borne threats with the cloud-based Sophos Central. This includes secure email, cybersecurity awareness training, plus next-gen endpoint protection – all from a single mobile-optimized portal.

Provide Powerful AI

Sophos Email is now powered by AI to stop both known and unknown attacks before they hit.

Better defense, better education – safer organizations

Sophos knows phishing isn’t going away, and that’s why we’re constantly developing new and improved tactics for preventing attacks. Whether it’s our research teams analyzing and identifying the latest trends, or offering ongoing, impactful training with Phish Threat, your organization will be ready for the next phishing attack.

Hackers are incredibly skilled at the social engineering that goes into phishing, especially through email. Now you can engineer the safety of your end users and entire organization with Sophos phishing attack prevention.