Global Cybersecurity Survey

3,100 IT managers from 12 countries and six continents were surveyed about their cybersecurity experiences in the last year. The results reveal the challenges, concerns, and day-to-day issues facing IT teams around the globe.

Read this report to discover the state of cybersecurity in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., France, Germany, South Africa, India, Australia, and Japan – and see how you compare.

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IT teams face an uphill battle

Globally, 91% of organizations hit by a cyberattack last year were running up-to-date protection. It goes to show that despite the best intentions, hackers are still able to find and exploit security weaknesses.

Brazil flag

92% Running up-to-date protection when hit

UK flag

95% Running up-to-date protection when hit

Japan flag

94% Running up-to-date protection when hit


Download this report to learn more about how cyberattacks infiltrate and affect organizations.

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Attack vectors vary around the globe

Cybercriminals use myriad techniques and tactics in their attacks, increasing the challenge for IT teams. The survey revealed surprising differences in the attack vectors used in the different countries surveyed.

Columbia flag

45% attack victims hit by malicious code

Germany flag

38% attack victims affected by ransomware

Canada flag

30% attack victims hit by software exploit

Lack of budget is an issue in all countries

The survey revealed a strong desire to improve cybersecurity skills in every country. Yet over half the respondents in every country said they lack the budget they need for both people and technology.

Mexico flag

65% Lack budget

France flag

62% Lack budget

USA flag

66% Lack budget


The survey was commissioned by Sophos and conducted by leading research specialist Vanson Bourne. Respondents were all from organizations of 100-5,000 users.

Read the report to get the full global survey results and see how your own experiences compare with those of IT teams around the globe.

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Download the Survey Results


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