Secure Access Points When You Need Them

Without the right tools in place, wireless can feel like a lawless land. Manage access for managed clients automatically based on their health status with Sophos Wireless for synchronized connectivity. Automate threat discovery instantly, spotting rogue access points, spoofing attempts or unknown devices on your network. Plus, by managing your wireless through Sophos Central, you’ll have control over all your solutions through a single pane of glass.

Sophos Wireless is easy to deploy with a quick three-step process, and maintaining it is even easier through Sophos Central’s intuitive controls. And with our APXS Series access points offering optimal performance and increased throughput speed, Sophos Wireless is built for performance.

Sophos Access Points include:

Synchronized Connectivity

Access for managed clients is automatically controlled based on their health status.

Threat Discovery

Threats to your Wi-Fi network are instantly classified – for example, as rogue APs, spoofing attempts, or unknown devices.

Modular Management

With Sophos Central, manage Sophos Wireless alongside all your Sophos solutions.

Synchronized Security

Security solutions that talk to each other, sharing threat intelligence and coordinating defenses.

Simple Deployment

Get access points up and running with three easy steps.

Better Visibility

Gain insights into what’s happening on your wireless networks, identifying potential risks or inappropriate use of your resources.

Hot Spots and Guest Access

Controlled internet access for visitors, contractors, and other guests using a daily password or time-based voucher.

Enhanced Rogue AP Detection

Automatically classify neighboring networks to identify attempts to infiltrate the organization via Wi-Fi.

Wireless Scalability

Add additional access points easily to adapt your network to your current business needs.

Manage Wi-Fi on Your Firewall

Managing Wireless through Sophos Central, you’ll have all the flexibility of a cloud-managed solution, an enhanced feature set, and on-launch support for a broader range of access points. But if you want to manage your wireless protection through your firewall, we offer that too. XG Firewall offers management support for all APX and AP series access points.