Sales and Technical Training

We want to make sure you have the skills you need as a Sophos Partner to grow your business and secure your customers. Our Sales and Technical courses are designed to do just that. Becoming certified helps you climb the Sophos Partner Program ladder, gaining more rewards as you go.

Our Sales Consultant e-learning gives you the sales foundations you need to be a trusted advisor, and our Engineer, Architect, and Technician courses give your technical staff the skills to demo, deploy, and maintain Sophos products. All our course are available as self-study eLearning or as instructor-led classes. Check out the Partner Certification Guide.

You can access our e-learning via the Sophos Partner Portal, or ask your account manager about how to access a class or workshop.

Partner Certification Overview

The Sophos Certified Sales Consultant training gives you the head start you need to get selling with Sophos. The Sales Fundamentals course contains invaluable information on the key Sophos products, including Central Endpoint and Server, XG Firewall, and also on Sophos in general. It's a great starting point for you as a Sophos Partner and will be the first step on your certification journey.

In addition to the Fundamentals course, we have a range of other Sales courses on offer covering all of the main Sophos products.

All Sales Consultant training is available online through the Training Portal.

Duration: Up to 4 hours
Delivery: Online

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The Sophos Certified Engineer training is our first level of technical training, giving you a great overview of the key features of our products and all of the knowledge you need to run a demo or a simple proof of concept.

Becoming a Sophos Certified Engineer is a two-step process. First, complete the Sophos Central Overview course. this is a short introduction to Sophos Central and is a foundation for all of the remaining technical training. Next, complete one Certified Engineer course from the available list. We'd recommend Central Endpoint and Server or XG Firewall, but the choice is yours!

All of the Engineer content is available online, and is supported by practical labs to help you get hands on with the products.

Duration: One to two days
Delivery: Online

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The Sophos Certified Architect training builds on the Engineer courses and will give you a deeper dive into the products and technologies. The courses are available online, or delivered by a trainer in a classroom or via webinar, so there’s plenty of chances to ask questions and develop your expertise.

To get started, you’ll first need to complete the relevant Engineer-level course to get the required baseline knowledge. Then you can choose your Architect course and get started. As with Engineer training, we'd recommend you pick the Central Endpoint and Server or XG Firewall Architect courses, but the choice is yours!

Duration: Two to four days per course
Delivery: Instructor-led or Online

The final level of our technical training is the Sophos Certified Technician. This level follows up from Engineer training, giving you the skills you need to offer technical support to your partners and customers. All of the training is online and supported by practical labs so you can get hands on and gain experience of resolving common support issues in a test environment.

As with Architect training, the pre-requisite is the relevant Engineer course to give you the foundational product knowledge you'll need.

Duration: One day per course
Delivery: Online

Training for Customers

IT Admins

If you’re a Sophos customer, we want to make sure you get the best from your investment. Our Sophos Administrator courses are designed to do just that. Ask your Sophos Partner how to buy a course and you’ll be on the way to sharpening your product know-how while simplifying your job as an administrator. On completion, you’ll understand key product capabilities and how they protect your organization. Available courses include Endpoint, UTM, XG Firewall, and SafeGuard and cover how to:

  • Manage security events
  • Backup and restore the system
  • Complete common day-to-day tasks
  • View, manage, and interpret logs and reports
  • Perform basic troubleshooting

Click here to get instructions on how to access the training

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Authorized Training Centers

Authorized training centers are Sophos distributors, partners, or third-party training organizations who are certified to run Sophos training classes for partners and customers on behalf of Sophos. To join the Sophos ATC Program you will need to be an existing active Sophos distributor or partner with access to a training location and have trainers with the latest Sophos certifications. Please see your Sophos account manager for further information on how to sign up.

Home Users

Keep you and your family secure

We want to make the IT world a safer place. That’s why we offer free protection for home users and free training and advice to keep you secure. Sophos Home takes cybersecurity far beyond traditional antivirus to deliver advanced, real-time protection from the latest ransomware, malicious software, and hacking attempts.

Our security toolkits are packed with advice that will keep users secure at home and at work. And if you’re an IT admin and want to see if your users are likely to get phished, why not take a look at Sophos Phish Threat, our phishing attack simulation and training for your end users.

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