Take Sophos For a Test Drive

Get your hands on Sophos Central, a single console featuring Intercept X for Server and Cloud Optix.

Intercept X for Server

Intercept X for Server

Intercept X for Server protects Google virtual machines from the latest threats.

Cloud Optix

Cloud Optix hardens GCP configurations and detects security and compliance vulnerabilities.

Cloud Security Is a Shared Responsibility

Public Cloud providers offer a great deal of flexibility. And while they’re responsible for physical protection at the datacenter, virtual separation of customer data, and environments, whatever you put in the cloud, well, that’s your responsibility.

Detect Insecure GCP Deployments

Continuous analysis of firewall rules, VMs, GKE, Storage, SQL, and IAM.

Sophos Cloud Optix hardens GCP environments, reducing your surface area for attack, with automatic detection of security and compliance vulnerabilities, suspicious access, network traffic, and cloud-spend anomalies.

Unmatched Workload Protection and EDR for Compute Engine VMs

Secure your Google cloud, on-premises, or hybrid server environments.

Designed to protect business-critical Google virtual machines without sacrificing performance. Sophos Intercept X for Server protects virtual machines from the latest threats, including ransomware, fileless attacks, and server-specific malware.


Stop Ransomware in Its Tracks

Intercept X for Server stops ransomware on Windows virtual machines by intercepting its behavior, while rolling back encrypted files and cleaning malicious code.


Lock Down Your Virtual Machines

Control exactly what can and can’t run on your virtual machines and get notifications for any unauthorized change attempts to critical files and folders.


Easy, Flexible Deployment

Enable server-specific policies for groups of virtual machines with less time and effort, with consistent management across cloud or hybrid environments.