Peek under the hood of Sophos Cloud Optix

Smarter attacks require even smarter security solutions. Sophos Cloud Optix combines deep security expertise with the power of AI to deliver compliance automation, governance, and security monitoring in the cloud with one simple-to-use interface.

AI-Powered Security Analytics and Monitoring

Ease of public cloud deployments along with agile development processes mean that new applications are launched often without appropriate security oversight. Cloud Optix continuously monitors, learning about your cloud workload inventory, configurations, and network traffic with advanced AI algorithms to help you respond and remediate security risks fast.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Automation

As workloads move to the cloud, identifying which compliance processes will be applicable—not to mention how they'll be implemented—becomes even more difficult. Reduce the cost and complexity of compliance with industry standards like SOC2, GDPR, PCI, and others with continuous assessments and collaboration tools that seamlessly integrate into your internal processes and controls.

Smarter DevSecOps

The rapid pace of infrastructure and code changes due to continuous deployment and DevOps practices, allows new software to be released multiple times a day, putting a tremendous amount of pressure on security teams that could leave you exposed. Cloud Optix API-driven architecture enables your DevOps teams to seamlessly integrate security with their DevOps processes – ensuring fast and secure delivery.

AI-Based Security Analytics and Monitoring

Respond to and remediate security risks in minutes with AI-powered smart alerts, interactive network topology visualization, and continuous monitoring with one-click remediation.

Network Topology Visualization

Get an instant application dependency mapping and end-to-end view of your entire network topology in the public cloud, including ingress, egress, and internal traffic

Anomaly Detection and Analytics

Continuously analyze millions of metrics across various data sources such as user activities, configurations, network traffic, and logs for malicious or anomalous activities

Alert Correlation and Smart Alerts

AI-powered smart alerts reduce response times and help remediate security risks faster, with automated alert ranking, combined with contextual information

Automatic Asset Discovery

Automatic discovery of your organization’s assets across AWS, Azure and GCP environments

Real-Time Inventory Management

View of your assets, including servers, storage, and security groups across your cloud accounts and environments

Automated Incident Response

Simplify and speed up security processes with integrations into your existing business tools like JIRA, Slack, and ServiceNow

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Automation

Sophos Cloud Optix reduces the cost and complexity of Governance, Risk, and Compliance in the cloud with out-of-the-box templates, automation, custom policies, and collaboration tools.

Customizable Policies

Map internal compliance controls and produce organization specific reports in minutes

Continuous Assessments

Automatically detect changes to your cloud environments in real time with continuous assessments

Zero-Touch Reports

Benchmark your organization’s compliance with intuitive dashboards and reports—and easily export them

Orchestrate compliance

Orchestrate processes using third-party integrations with tools like JIRA and ServiceNow to manage compliance-related workflows

Out-of-the-Box Templates

Speed up the compliance process for standard industry assessments including CIS, SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS

Anomaly Detection

Continuously analyze data sources such as user activities, configurations, network traffic, and logs for malicious or anomalous activities

Smarter DevSecOps

Sophos Cloud Optix brings security and development teams together with automated drift detection, policy-based guardrails, and streamlined remediation for security vulnerabilities.

Drift detection and guardrails

Continuously monitor and detect drift in configuration standards and prevent changes to critical settings that could leave you exposed

Infrastructure Template Scanning

Continuously analyze deployment template changes for misconfigurations that could result in the provisioning of vulnerable infrastructure

SIEM and DevOps tool integration

Integrate with third party security tools such as SIEM and DevOps tools for CI and CD to simplify security operations

Pre-Built and Customizable Policies

Apply your organization's security hygiene policies or choose from our list of hundreds of best practices

One-Click Remediation

Save hours by automatically remediating security policy issues, or to flag and assign more sensitive issues for manual remediation

Anomaly Detection

Continuously analyze millions of metrics across various data sources such as user activities, configurations, network traffic, and logs for malicious activities

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