Connecting Activity to Spot Threats Sooner

Sophos Cloud Optix and Amazon Detective enable security teams to rapidly investigate suspicious behavior across AWS accounts and identify the AWS resources being targeted. Connecting disparate actions such as failed logon attempts and suspicious API calls across on organizations AWS accounts, the service takes Cloud Optix threat hunting to a new level with an interactive and intuitive set of linked data, the Amazon Detection graph.

Interactive Data

The machine learning built into Amazon Detective allows you to follow event pathways through an interactive set of intuitive data, enabling teams to investigate how alerts relate to AWS resources.

Rapid Investigation

Connect disparate actions across your AWS accounts to rapidly investigate security findings, identify patterns that may indicate a connected security incident, and see all affected resources.

Fully Integrated

Amazon Detective is fully integrated with Amazon GuardDuty, allowing you to pivot from a security finding generated by GuardDuty in Cloud Optix to the Amazon Detective console for detailed investigation.