Purchasing Sophos on AWS


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Sophos UTM on AWS

You can purchase Sophos UTM as a pre-configured Amazon Machine image (AMI). AMIs are available from the AWS Marketplace, where you can search for and purchase UTM in either stand-alone or auto-scaling. The AMIs are launched on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances or virtual machines. EC2 instances come in a variety of types and sizes, similar to selecting different option sizes for hardware appliances in the on-premises world.



You will incur a charge for:

  • time you spend running UTM on AWS
  • hourly pricing of the EC2 instance you selected to power the Sophos UTM on AWS software

Launch Sophos UTM on AWS and pay only for what you use, when you use it. No upfront commitment. No minimum fee. And you can delete your UTM on AWS at any time.

Seasonal compute workloads that often experience high utilization during peak times of the year, but low utilization during off-peak times (such as tax or retail websites) may find PAYG advantageous. You can scale the capacity of your UTM up or down as needed, while paying only for what you use.

Sophos UTM 9 (Auto Scaling PAYG) - Hourly

EC2 Instance Type Software / hr EC2 / hr Total / hr
t2.small $0.10 $0.023 $0.123
m3.medium $0.35 $0.067 $0.417
m3.large $0.75 $0.133 $0.883
m3.xlarge $1.10 $0.266 $1.366
m3.2xlarge $1.45 $0.532 $1.982
c3.large $0.45 $0.105 $0.555
c3.xlarge $0.90 $0.21 $1.11
c3.2xlarge $1.30 $0.42 $1.72
c3.4xlarge $1.75 $0.84 $2.59
c3.8xlarge $2.00 $1.68 $3.68
c4.large $0.45 $0.10 $0.55
c4.xlarge $0.90 $0.199 $1.099
c4.2xlarge $1.30 $0.398 $1.698
c4.4xlarge $1.75 $0.796 $2.546
c4.8xlarge $2.25 $1.591 $3.841
m4.large $0.76 $0.108 $0.868
m4.xlarge $1.15 $0.215 $1.365
m4.2xlarge $1.50 $0.431 $1.931


When you PAYG, Sophos UTM comes preconfigured with FullGuard, meaning your UTM solution is enabled with all available security modules, including Network Protection, Web Protection, and more.



 Bring Your Own License

You will incur a charge for:

  • Hourly pricing of the EC2 instance you selected to power the Sophos UTM on AWS software.

When you BYOL, you bring a standard UTM software license that you purchased from an authorized Sophos reseller. These licenses are configurable. You can select a term of one, two, or three years. You can also select any number of software subscriptions, including Network Protection, Web Protection, and Sandstorm.

You will not be charged again for the license you bring, but your license is required in order to benefit from your entitlements.

Server Protection on AWS

Server Protection is offered under BYOL. Server Protection runs on EC2 instances in AWS environments, but it is not sold through the AWS Marketplace. Server Protection licenses are sold by authorized Sophos resellers. When you purchase a Server Protection license you apply it through Sophos Central.