Adaptive Cyber Insurance (UK)

Cowbell harnesses technology and data to provide small and medium-sized entities in the UK with customized cyber coverage adaptable to today's and tomorrow's threats. Recognizing the reduced cyber risk delivered by Sophos solutions, Cowbell offers discounts for UK customers using Sophos detection and response tools and services:

  • 12% premium discount for organizations using Sophos MDR
  • 8% premium discount for organizations using Sophos XDR

Sophos Endpoint customers benefit from real-time insights into their security posture and dynamic pricing that rewards strong defenses. Leveraging a custom Cowbell Connector™ that works with two Sophos Central APIs, Cowbell assesses ongoing security posture in Sophos Endpoint and uses the insights to provide optimized insurance pricing and coverage that recognizes robust security.

Cowbell Prime One policyholders can enjoy a 5% premium reduction when they enable the Cowbell Connector for Sophos Endpoint (applied at policy purchase or renewal).

To discuss your insurance requirements and get personalized pricing, ask your broker for a Cowbell quote or visit


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