Don’t take the bait.

30% of phishing emails are opened.

41% of IT Pros report AT LEAST DAILY phishing attacks.

Phishing is big business for the cyber crooks. With 89% of phishing attacks orchestrated by professional cyber crime organizations, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game, not just for IT professionals but for anyone working with email. 

This whitepaper will help explain what you’re up against so you can make sure your organization doesn’t take the bait.

Can you spot the phish?

Super-smart cybercriminals make phishing emails very hard to spot. Here’s a scary statistic: phishing emails have six times the click-through rate of genuine marketing emails.

Can you tell the difference between genuine and phishing emails? Test your skills with our fun quiz. Will you get hooked? Or can you avoid the phisherman’s net?

People open 30% of phishing emails.

Your users are the weakest link in your phishing defenses. By opening and clicking on phishing emails they put you and your organization at risk.

Download your free anti-phishing kit and get a wealth of useful resources to help you educate users on the threat of phishing, including:

  • Prevent phishing educational web page
  • Poster for your workplace
  • PowerPoint presentation for a phishing training session
  • 10 telltale signs of a phishing attack
  • Phishing Spot the Difference
  • Don’t take the bait whitepaper

How Sophos Can Help

While there’s no silver bullet when it comes to phishing, we can help you at every point in the attack chain. Start with phishing visibility and education, and back up with pre- and post-delivery protection. Plus, you can control everything through a single Sophos Central management console. Slashing admin while enhancing protection.


Sophos Phish Threat

Educate and test your users through automated attack simulations, quality security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics.

On average customers see a 31% reduction in phishing susceptibility after just four Phish Threat training emails.


Sophos Email

Block malicious links, attachments and phishing imposters. Protect employees from the fraudulent emails that impersonate trusted senders.


Sophos Intercept X

Endpoint protection powered by deep learning protects you from threats even if a user clicks a malicious link or opens an infected attachment.

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