Don’t take the bait.

30% of phishing emails are opened.

Phishing caused
in damages in 2016.

Phishing is big business for the cyber crooks. With 89% of phishing attacks orchestrated by professional organized crime organizations, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game.

This whitepaper will help explain what you’re up against so you can make sure your organization doesn’t take the bait.

Can you spot the phish?

Super-smart cybercriminals make phishing emails very hard to spot. Here’s a scary statistic: phishing emails have six times the click-through rate of genuine marketing emails.

Can you tell the difference between genuine and phishing emails? Test your skills with our fun quiz. Will you get hooked? Or can you avoid the phisherman’s net?

People open 30%
of phishing emails.

Your users are the weakest link in your phishing defenses. By opening and clicking on phishing emails they put you and your organization at risk.

Download your free anti-phishing kit and get a wealth of useful resources to help you educate users on the threat of phishing, including:

  • Two-minute phishing video
  • Prevent phishing educational web page
  • Poster for your workplace
  • PowerPoint presentation for a phishing training session
  • 10 telltale signs of a phishing attack
  • Phishing Spot the Difference
  • Don’t take the bait whitepaper

Stop phishing with Sophos

We can help you protect your organization from phishing attacks at every point in the attack chain: from training end users on how to spot and avoid phishing emails to blocking malware trying to get around your defenses through phishing.


Email and Web Gateway

Stop phishing threats at the door before they can enter your organization.

  • Live threat updates
  • Block malicious attachments, content and URLs
  • Anti-spoofing
  • URL filtering
  • Time-of-click URL protection
  • Malware sandboxing

Phish Threat

Simulate phishing attacks and train your users.

  • Training
  • Testing
  • Reporting

Intercept X

Stop the advanced attacks that start with phishing attacks.

  • Next-gen exploit prevention
  • Analysis
  • Clean-up

Sophos Phish Threat, Intercept X, Email, and Web Protection are all available through Sophos Central, our powerful security platform. Take it for a test drive today.

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