Online threats keep evolving – we need to evolve faster to stop them

Cybersecurity preparedness is a true cat and mouse game. Hackers adapt to the best practices and latest defenses against them, changing their tactics to circumvent the latest solutions. Security experts simultaneously must find ways to defeat these latest variations on attacks as well as stay one step ahead of the next attack vector.

In this report, you’ll find:

  • How ransomware is raising the stakes
  • Trends in mobile malware
  • Common missteps in cloud security
  • How automation is now part of attacks
  • Developments in using machine learning for defense

Some of the topics covered here are:

Ransomware Attacks

How are hackers using our own management tools against us, and making use of the security industry’s best tools to “live off the land” during attacks.

Mobile Security

Learn about the rise of fleeceware, how bank credentials are being stolen through the Google Play store, and the dangers of hidden adware.

Internet Background Radiation

Remote Desktop Protocol is in the crosshairs, and publicly facing services are being targeted by automated attacks. Find out why.

Cloud Security

The greatest risk to cloud security is the cloud itself. Misconfiguration is the leading cause of incidents, and lack of visibility is problematic – find out what that means.

Automation and Attacks

Automation is being used to enhance attacks more and more and hackers are now going after backups as part of their attacks. Get a look as to why this is happening.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a growing part of both cybersecurity defense and offense. How does machine learning play into targeting our ‘wetware?’ We take a look.

Simplifying defenses in a complex cybersecurity environment

As cybersecurity practitioners, from operations to research and development, from management and support to strategy and more, every single day offers a new challenge. We need to clarify the state of cybersecurity for our audiences to help them stay safe – and to ensure we’re providing the best tools and tactics to stay safe ourselves. This year’s report provides the SophosLabs expert viewpoint on the state of cybersecurity now, and where we’re headed next.