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We send the breaking news, latest virus alerts, reports of the most prevalent viruses and hoaxes, and product advisories straight to your computer.

What are info feeds?

An info feed is a regularly updated summary of web content, with links to full versions of that content. By loading RSS or Atom feeds into a feed reader, you will receive a summary of our latest news, product advisories or virus and hoax alerts.

Why should I use info feeds?

You don't have to spend time searching for the content you want and we keep you informed as soon as we update our information.

How do I use Sophos info feeds?

  • You will need a feed reader to display and subscribe to the feeds. Some news readers are accessed using your browser; some are downloadable applications.
  • Drag the RSS or Atom icon for the information feed you want into your feed reader. Or you can click on the RSS or Atom icon and cut and paste the feed's URL into your feed reader.

Can I add these feeds to my website?

Yes! Using an RSS to JavaScript service is a free and very simple way to add our feeds to your own website. After providing a few details, such as the URL of the feed you want to show, you will receive a small bit of JavaScript code to add to your web page.

Some popular RSS to JavaScript services are:

If you subscribe to our info feeds, or use them on your website, you should read our
terms of use