UTM Smart Installer

Easily install the latest available image on your Sophos UTM gateway platforms

The Sophos UTM Smart Installer is a USB device containing a unique chip allowing emulation of a USB CD-ROM. With it you can place the latest version of a UTM ISO image on a Sophos UTM appliance if the installation is many updates or major versions behind, saving the long process of applying many updates or moving across major versions all at once.

It is also possible to use the Sophos UTM Smart Installer as a regular USB drive to transport backup files, license keys, and other information. The Sophos UTM Smart Installer can be used for updating, field deployments, disaster recovery, configuration installs—any situation where a USB CD-ROM might be required. In addition to acting as an imaging tool, the drive also provides normal thumb-drive functionality for storing manuals, walkthroughs, guides, backup files, single updates, and other resources.

There are now three revisions of the Sophos UTM Smart Installer; the first two (formerly known as "Astaro Smart Installer") still function as designed but are not compatible with the application that runs on the rev.3 installers. Sophos UTM Smart Installer rev.3 is a complete redesign of the old Astaro Smart Installer, both in terms of the software and the USB stick itself.

The Sophos UTM Smart Installer rev.3 USB stick is available via your Sophos partner.

Smart Installer Rev3

Figure 1: Sophos UTM Smart Installer rev.3

The following section describes how to use Sophos UTM Smart Installer rev.3. For a description how to use the old revisions 1 and 2, see below.

Sophos UTM Smart Installer Revision 3

The new revision of the Sophos UTM Smart Installer consists of two partitions; you will find two new drives in your Windows Explorer once the USB stick is plugged in:

  • An emulated write-protected CD-ROM drive
  • A data partition with the application "SUSI.exe" preinstalled

The application "SUSI.exe" can be used to directly download Sophos UTM ISO images from our servers and burn them onto the CD-ROM partition of the Smart Installer.

Important note: The application SUSI.exe is not backward compatible to the legacy revisions of the Sophos UTM Smart Installer rev.1 and rev.2. As of today, it can only be used together with Sophos UTM Smart Installer rev.3.

The use of the application "SUSI.exe" is rather self-explanatory. In addition, the application comes with an online help installed, explaining how to operate it in greater detail.

UTM Smart Installer Screenshot

Figure 2: Screenshot of the application "SUSI.exe"

Once you have burnt the Sophos UTM ISO image of your choice to the CD-ROM partition, you can proceed with installing Sophos UTM to your target system as follows:

Installing Sophos UTM

  • Step 1: Make sure the target system or the Sophos UTM appliance is powered off.
  • Step 2: Plug the Smart Installer into a free USB port of the target system.
  • Step 3: Power on the target system.
  • Step 4: Wait for the installation to finish. If you use the Smart Installer to install the Sophos UTM software onto a target system that is no Sophos UTM appliance, you need to connect monitor and keyboard to follow the on-screen installation steps. Complete the installation steps accordingly. Installations on official Sophos UTM appliances can run unattended, but it is still recommended to connect a monitor to see when the installation has completed.

Important note: This operation will completely erase your data and configuration (rules, logs, policies, etc.). If you wish to restore your previous configuration, please have a suitable backup file ready to restore after the installation.

Sophos UTM Smart Installer Revision 1 and 2

There are two legacy revisions of the Sophos UTM Smart Installer, both providing identical functionality, but which are already out of sale. Revision 2 models can be identified by the strap hole and the old Astaro logo.

Astaro Smart Installer Rev2

Figure 3: Legacy Sophos UTM Smart Installer rev.2

Using the legacy revisions of the Sophos UTM Smart Installer is easy. Just obtain the desired product image from the download resource below, plug in the Sophos UTM Smart Installer to a free USB port on your desktop computer, and run the one-click installer program. The image will be automatically burned to the Sophos UTM Smart Installer with no further input required. Once the Sophos UTM Smart Installer has been loaded, it is plugged into any Sophos UTM appliance and the automated installation process will take place.

Preparing the Sophos UTM Smart Installer

  • Step 1: Download the latest ZIP-archive for the desired product (all file names still carry the name suffix "ASI"). If you have a Smart Installer version 1, make sure to download the right ZIP-archive specifically prepared for this Smart installer's revision (likewise for revision 2).
  • Step 2: Connect the Smart Installer to the Windows computer to which you have just downloaded the ZIP-archive.
  • Step 3: Extract the ZIP-archive and run the application "ASI.exe". The included Sophos UTM ISO image will then be burnt automatically onto the Smart Installer.
  • Step 4: Use the newly flashed Smart Installer to install Sophos UTM on your target system or Sophos UTM appliance (see description above).
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