See why SonicWall customers and partners are moving to XG Firewall.

Migrating from SonicWall to XG Firewall has become increasingly common. We’ve developed this comprehensive guide providing helpful information to consideration for anyone investigating or planning a switch.

Why They Switched

Gartner, partners, and customers agree: Sophos XG Firewall is rated among the highest in the industry for security effectiveness, performance, ease-of use, and value.

10 Reasons XG Firewall is Better

It’s time to move to the world’s best visibility, protection, and response with the next-gen capabilities of XG Firewall. There are many compelling reasons to move to the XG Firewall, and here are the top 10.

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Expose hidden risks by identifying your network traffic. Utilizing telemetry from the endpoint to identify and classify unknown, evasive, or encrypted application traffic allows you to regain control of your network.

Top Risk User identification based on browsing habits and recent advanced threat infections

See it. Stop it. Secure it. Tight integration between Firewall and Endpoint offers significant real-world benefits in visibility, protection and response with Magic Quadrant Leading solutions in both categories


Stop threats moving laterally through your network and spreading an infection. The XG Firewall’s lateral movement protection automatically informs all healthy endpoints on the network to block all traffic from a compromised host

Stop unknown threats. Unified Firewall Rules that include AV, SSL inspection, Sandboxing, IPS, QoS, Web Filtering, and App Control policies and settings on a firewall rule basis defined by source-destination, traffic type, or user/group

Block Potentially Unwanted Applications and Cryptojacking from impacting your network and end users

Secure Email and Web servers with anti-spam, DLP and encryption as well as a full-featured web application firewall for server hardening, reverse proxy authentication and protection.

Response & Management

Isolate infected systems with Firewall rules that incorporate Endpoint health. Limit or restrict access to network resources for infected or compromised systems

Fully integrated on-box reporting and log storage using high-performance SSDs at no extra charge

Free central management at no-extra charge for your entire portfolio of IT security products including firewall, endpoint, mobile, encryption and more.

Synchronize with the World’s
Best Endpoint Protection

Sophos Intercept X is not only the world’s best endpoint protection, it integrates with XG Firewall in ways SonicWall just can’t match to provide Synchronized Security that delivers breakthrough benefits for network application visibility, health monitoring, and a coordinated defense against the latest threats and attacks.

But don’t take our word for it…

  Sophos Intercept X SonicWall’s OEM of SentinelOne

Forester WAVE

Leader Didn’t meet criteria

Gartner EPP MQ

Leader Visionary

MRG Effitas Exploit Test

Top Ranked
Missed 1 of 35 Exploits
Missed 18 of 35

MRG Effitas Unknown Malware and PUAs

Top Ranked
Blocked 99.2% of malware
Blocked 100% of PUAs
Blocked 85% of
malware Blocked 52.5%
of PUAs

SE Labs

Top Ranked
100% Total Accuracy
Not included

“No other company is close to delivering this type of communication between endpoint and network security products.”

Chris Christianson, vice president of security programs at IDC

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