CIS Critical Security Controls are pivotal for your security.

Sophos can help.

Increasing regulatory and compliance requirements put pressure on organizations to build in healthy security habits as they operate in a specific industry and geography. CIS Critical Security Controls help you to firm up a security action plan for your organization so you stay compliant with important industry regulations and standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and US CERT recommendations.

Boundary Defense

XG Firewall offers next-gen network security and is fully integrated with Sophos mobile, web, email, and endpoint security modules to give you all-in-one protection. Defend against email threats and phishing attacks with Secure Email Gateway, and get advanced protection from web malware, URL filtering, Web App filtering, and more with Secure Web Gateway.

Malware Defense

Sophos Intercept X’s anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, and deep learning malware detection capabilities protect your endpoints from malicious executable code. XG Firewall monitors and blocks malware and exploits from accessing any part of your network, while Sophos Mobile secures all your mobile devices, data, and users.

Data Protection

Prevent data loss and unauthorized access to sensitive information across devices with Endpoint Protection, SafeGuard Encryption, and Sophos Mobile. Control access to data based on need-to-know with two-factor authentication in XG Firewall, SafeGuard Encryption, and Sophos Central. Sophos Mobile restricts data access over apps by device compliance rules, time, Wi-Fi, or geo-location.

Incident Response and Management

Get coordinated isolation, detection, and malware remediation across servers, endpoints, and firewall with Sophos Synchronized Security. Intercept X gives you complete visibility on the how and where of the attack.

Read the Compliance Card for more details on how Sophos solutions help your efforts to stay compliant. Plus, you can get a no-obligation quote.

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CIS Critical Security Controls : A Refresher

The CIS Critical Security Controls (previously known as the SANS Top 20 security controls), developed by the Center for Internet Security, provide a catalog of prioritized guidelines and steps for resilient cyber defense and information security mitigation approaches. This gives organizations an organized security action plan to stay compliant with major industry regulations and standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and more. Any episode of regulatory non-compliance can result in heavy fines, loss of business and reputation, litigation, and more.

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