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Die SophosLabs pflegen Listen verdächtiger IP-Adressen, bei denen es sich möglicherweise um Spamquellen handelt.

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Patch Tuesday targets Hyper-V virtual machines in November, 2019 updates

Microsoft released their monthly security updates for November, 2019, this morning. This month, Microsoft said the company fixed a total of 73 vulnerabilities across its product lines. Thirteen of the fixes address problems Microsoft classifies as Critical, the most urgent type of problem to address. The company classified the repair of an additional 59 bugs […]

SophosLabs surveys the threat landscape for 2020 trends

SophosLabs this morning published its annual assessment on the state of internet and information security, and our outlook on what security threats are likely to affect the world in the coming year: the SophosLabs 2020 Threat Report, available for download now. This year, our report broadens the scope of our analysis to cover topics beyond […]

Microsoft fixes drop in number for October, 2019 updates

A relatively low number of vulnerabilities were addressed in this month's Windows update rollups

Icon-hiding Android adware returns to the Play Market

Adware apps attempt to evade easy removal by, literally, hiding their app icons from users

Lemon_Duck PowerShell malware cryptojacks enterprise networks

SophosLabs are monitoring a significant spike in crypto mining attacks, which spread quickly across enterprise networks. Starting from a single infection, these attacks use a variety of malicious scripts that, eventually, turn an enterprise’s large pool of CPU resources into efficient cryptocurrency mining slaves. The threat actors behind these campaigns have been using an array […]

‘Fleeceware’ apps overcharge users for basic app functionality

Unscrupulous publishers take advantage of Play Market policy loopholes to charge app users hundreds of dollars

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