Economic Slow Down in US

Category: Virus hoax Discovered On: 18 Oct 2001
Type: hoaxUpdated On: 08 Jun 2006
Aliases: Economic slowdown


The text of the hoax reads as follows:

Dear All,
There's a new virus which was found recently which will erase the whole C drive. if u get a mail with the subject "Economic Slow Down in US" please delete that mail right away. Otherwise it will erase the whole C drive. As soon as you open it, it says "Your system will restart. It will ask "do you want to continue" . Even if you click on NO, your system will be shut down and will never boot again. It already caused a major damage in the US and few other parts of the world. The remedy for this has not yet been discovered. So please forward this mail to as many people as possible and let everybody be aware of this. Its better to get this mail 100 times rather than not knowing about it. Please forward this message.

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