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Anti-malware SDK

Build your own cybersecurity technology with Sophos Anti-malware SDK

Sophos Anti-malware SDK combines layered detection methods to offer superior malware protection. It can be customized for enhanced detection of web or email traffic, and can be extended using SophosLabs threat intelligence. This enables partners to classify a range of threat artifacts – from zero-day malware to advanced persistent threats. The technology has been leveraged as core or supplemental protection in a wide range of hardware and software / SaaS security products and solutions.

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Email Filtering SDK

Built from the ground up to address emerging risks in messaging security

Sophos Email Filtering SDK is a major update that is focused on enhanced detection of modern email threats and reduction of false positives. It offers advanced messaging security to detect and block malicious emails and zero-day phishing attacks that slip through the prevention layer. The technology is also extensible via threat feeds and is powered by cloud-delivered real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs. Leveraging AI-based detection together with static and dynamic analysis, the solution delivers faster and better verdict on potentially malicious URLs and email attachments. Among other recent enhancements include impersonation protection against malicious social-engineering attacks that target specific brands or VIPs.

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Data Loss Prevention SDK

Add cross-platform data loss protection to your solution

Sophos Data Loss Prevention (DLP) SDK offers an easy-to-integrate, cross-platform data security solution to those who want to implement DLP capabilities within their products and bring them to market quickly. We have made this process fast and efficient by using our existing anti-malware engine and content analysis engine. Our Data Loss Prevention capability identifies files, extracts and converts text, and searches for sensitive data. SophosLabs provides a comprehensive library of sensitive data definitions, giving you launch day detection for all common types of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as well as financial and healthcare data.

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