Real-time URL Classification with Deep Learning AI

Enhance your web security to classify never-before-seen websites

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Cybercrime thrives on malicious websites and URLs, which host and propagate phishing, spear phishing, ransomware, and zero-day malware attacks. As modern attackers use cloud and DevOps tools like CI/CD pipelines, they can develop and deploy malicious websites blazing fast. Existing web classification approaches, which largely depend on known lists of malicious URLs and reputation intelligence, cannot detect and classify newly encountered malicious URLs due to their low prevalence. Sophos' latest deep learning approach to detecting never-before-seen malevolent web pages achieves a 97.5%* detection rate at a 0.1% false positive rate. This provides security vendors with the speed and accuracy they need to support a variety of deployments like endpoints, firewalls, and web proxies.

Rethinking URL Classification with Sophos AI Solution

Deep Learning AI at Scale

The technology is built using breakthrough innovations in data science and machine learning from the Sophos AI team. The neural model has been trained on billions of inputs that combine analyzing URLs and web page content to classify websites.

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Classify and Block Unseen Web Risks

It helps better analyze previously unseen and unclassified URLs and low-prevalence websites that can't be identified by traditional classification methods. The Sophos technology enables quicker and more accurate analysis of the content behind suspicious URLs and then categorizes them appropriately – preventing new sources of phishing, ransomware, and zero-day malware from causing damage.


Supplement Existing URL Classification

Sophos helps security vendors supplement existing web categorization solutions with an AI-driven solution. By being able to focus on unseen and uncategorized URLs and websites, OEM partners can fill detection gaps and protect customers against a barrage of unseen nefarious web threats.


Cloud Container Security

Sophos is helping OEM security partners become the enabler of secure deployments. Sophos technology can be deployed in a container environment to meet data privacy concerns and can integrate with existing cloud-native tools and processes.


Comprehensive Threat Classification for Web Security Partners

Sophos delivers a platform approach in web threat detection and classification to OEM partners, allowing them to choose appropriate solutions as the security need grows - scanning engines, threat feeds, phishing and malicious URL intelligence, sandboxing, static malware analysis, and AI models.

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Proven Partnerships with Leading Web Security Partners

The Sophos OEM team brings proven expertise in supporting various integration requirements and web security use cases. With dedicated account managers, integration engineers, and a support team, OEM partners can quickly deliver enhanced security value and launch unique solutions with ease.

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