Our mission is to develop powerful and intuitive products and services that provide the world's most effective cybersecurity for organizations of any size. Trust is key to our business and our mission to protect our customers.

Learn how Sophos delivers cybersecurity products and services you can trust: for our business, for your business, and from large enterprises to individual home users.



Latest advisories related to Sophos products and services

Business Certifications

Externally attested certifications that Sophos maintains

Corporate Policy

Legal and whistleblowing policies


High Level Security Policy Overview

How Sophos secures and protects its products and services

Incident Analysis

After action reports on incidents impacting Sophos products

Incident Response

How Sophos responds to security incidents



Product-specific privacy

Responsible Disclosure

Submit any security concerns relating to Sophos products and services

Security Testing

Recent penetration tests run by third parties


Sophos Central

Product-specific documents

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

How Sophos develops secure products and services


Status of Sophos products and services