Malware di ultima generazione

I dati sulle principali minacce di malware, aggiornati in tempo reale dal nostro pluripremiato team dei SophosLabs.Altro

Le più recenti minacce dello spam

Ogni giorno effettuiamo il monitoraggio dello spam proveniente da qualsiasi luogo d'origine. Visualizzate il nostro pannello di controllo dello spam per consultare i dati più aggiornati.Altro

Ricerca dell'indirizzo IP

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I SophosLabs gestiscono e aggiornano elenchi di indirizzi IP sospettati di essere fonti di spam.

IP Address Classification Policy

Threat Awareness

Nella Sophos Community è possibile pubblicare domande, risposte, consigli e commenti sulle minacce.

Sfida l’intelligenza artificiale

Sei più intelligente di un computer? Gioca per scoprirlo.

Il team di ricercatori dei SophosLabs

I SophosLabs vantano un team di abili ricercatori che analizzano i dati raccolti sulle minacce e collaborano con esperti di data science in tutto il mondo.

Latest News


Nearly a quarter of malware now communicates using TLS

Encryption is one of the strongest weapons malware authors can leverage: They can use it to obfuscate their code, to prevent users (in the case of ransomware) from being able to access their files, and for securing their malicious network communication. As websites and apps more widely adopt TLS (Transport Layer Security) and communicate over […]

February, 2020 Patch Tuesday brings a century of updates to Microsoft, Adobe products

For this second Patch Tuesday of 2020, Microsoft has released a hundred patches to Windows and other Microsoft software, including 12 vulnerabilities flagged as Critical, and 87 flagged as Important. In addition, Adobe also published updates for its Flash Player, Acrobat, Framemaker, Experience Manager, and Digital Editions products in notifications timed to coincide with Microsoft’s […]

RobbinHood – the ransomware that brings its own bug

When you need a vulnerability to exploit, but there isn't one... why not simply bring your own, along with your malware?

Living off another land: Ransomware borrows vulnerable driver to remove security software

Sophos has been investigating two different ransomware attacks where the adversaries deployed a legitimate, digitally signed hardware driver in order to delete security products from the targeted computers just prior to performing the destructive file encryption portion of the attack. The signed driver, part of a now-deprecated software package published by Taiwan-based motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte, […]

CVE-2020-0601 Q&A

The SophosLabs Offensive Security team answers your questions about the CVE-2020-0601 (aka Chain of Fools and Curveball) vulnerability.

Applying threat intelligence to Iranian cyberattack risk

As geopolitical interest increases, discussions of threat intelligence increase which increases pressure on security operations teams to provide answers to customers and to senior leadership.

Panoramica dei SophosLabs

Data Science
  • Sviluppo di un modello di machine learning
  • Ricerca sull’intelligenza artificiale, leadership di pensiero
Dati di intelligence sulle minacce
  • Risposta rapida alle nuove minacce e ai tentativi di escalation
  • Ricerca approfondita in ambito di minacce e profili di attacco
  • Automatizzazione dei processi di analisi e risposta alle minacce
  • Test, analisi e statistiche di Quality Assurance