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Latest News


Facebook conspiracy theories after Android app tries to “get root”

Facebook's Android app suddenly started making a bid for superuser access. Conspiracy theories popped up like fungi. (It's now fixed.)

“SamSam” ransomware – a mean old dog with a nasty new trick

Ransomware is still about "pay up or your files get the chop." But the crooks are learning how to squeeze you for larger sums of money...

Crooks infiltrate Google Play with malware in QR reading utilities

They got Google's "Play Protect" approval for a number of apps that were fronts for a barrage of aggressive ads.

Cryptomining – is it the new ransomware? [REPORT]

SophosLabs just published a technical report about cryptomining - on your Android device, via apps from Google Play, no less.

The Google Play “Super Antivirus” that’s not so super at all… [REPORT]

SophosLabs has published a technical report digging into the details of a not-so-super "Super Antivirus" charade on Google Play.

5 ransomware as a service (RaaS) kits – SophosLabs investigates

A look at five RaaS kits and how each is marketed and priced

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