Sophos Partner Care

我们的 24x7 全天候服务团队专注于提供报价、授权许可和一般合作伙伴账户支持。Sophos Partner Care 是您无缝高效解决所有运营和非技术问题的单一联系点。

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如有任何疑问,请联系 Sophos Partner Care:

  • 报价支持
  • 授权许可证管理
  • Partner Portal 合作伙伴门户网站指南
  • 合作伙伴账户管理
  • NFR (非作转售) 优惠
  • 更多

Partner portal support

Get in touch if you experience access issues or need help with managing users.

Local web management

Quote support

Receive guided help with pricing inquiries, renewals and opportunity management in the Sophos partner portal as well as support with deal registration and incumbency.


Licensing help

We assist you with managing your customers’ licenses and provide help if you need to activate or transfer an existing license.


Partner account and partner program

Reach out if you’d like to change your company account details, look up your partner tier or have questions on our not-for-resale (NFR) offering including eligibility and license activation.

Configuration review


您可以 24x7 全天候通过电话或支持门户网站与我们联系。

Premium Support


技术支持方面,Sophos 支持团队 随时为您提供帮助;而 Channel Service Center 渠道服务中心可协助营销请求(例如联合品牌),请发送至