Malware actual

Datos en tiempo real de las principales amenazas de malware, proporcionados por nuestro galardonado equipo de SophosLabs.Más

Amenazas de spam actuales

Sophos monitoriza todas las fuentes de spam, a diario. Consulte nuestro dashboard de spam para obtener información en tiempo real.Más

IP Address Lookup

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SophosLabs maintains lists of IP addresses suspected to be spam sources.

IP Address Classification Policy

Concienciación sobre amenazas

Comparta sus dudas, respuestas, consejos y comentarios sobre amenazas en Sophos Community.

El reto de la inteligencia artificial

¿Es usted más inteligente que una máquina? Pruebe nuestro juego para averiguarlo.

Latest News


Applying threat intelligence to Iranian cyberattack risk

As geopolitical interest increases, discussions of threat intelligence increase which increases pressure on security operations teams to provide answers to customers and to senior leadership.

Compiling open source threat intelligence for threat hunts

In addition to normal tradecraft adaptations, any time a change in the geopolitical landscape takes place, cyberattack campaigns and adversary behaviors typically shift as well. The recent events with Iran and the United States offer a relevant use case for organizations and have highlighted the benefit of having a threat intelligence driven hunting process. The […]

High-profile events are opportunities to determine security readiness

While the likelihood you might be targeted by a nation-state is low, preparing for such a circumstance might still be a useful strategy

January 2020 Patch Tuesday delivers fixes for 50 bugs

This month’s big security news from Microsoft is the end of support for Windows 7, and a patch of a cryptographic library

Fleeceware apps persist on the Play Store

Fleeceware remains a problem on Google Play, where Android users still run the risk of being charged hundreds of dollars or euros for "subscriptions" to apps

Gozi V3: tracked by their own stealth

Gozi, also known as Ursnif or ISFB, is a banking trojan which has been around for a long time and currently multiple variations of the trojan are circulating after its source code got leaked. Every variant that is distributed has interesting aspects, with Gozi version 3 the most eye-catching in the field of detection evasion. […]

Resumen de SophosLabs

Data Science
  • Desarrollo de modelos machine learning
  • Investigación de inteligencia artificial, liderazgo intelectual
Threat Intelligence
  • Rápida repuesta ante amenazas y escaladas
  • Investigación en profundidad de perfiles de ataques y amenazas
  • Automatización de análisis y respuesta ante amenazas
  • Pruebas, análisis y métricas de control de calidad.