The Future of Cybersecurity in APJ

Sophos and Tech Research Asia (TRA) have collaborated again to bring you the fourth edition of the Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan report.

Based on a comprehensive study of 900 business decision makers across APJ, this report is different to previous years as it focuses primarily on cybersecurity burnout and fatigue and their impact on employees and the organisations in which they work.

The research results are presented in five sections:

  1. Cybersecurity burnout
  2. Boards, C-suites and cybersecurity
  3. The cybersecurity setup
  4. Incident response and recovery
  5. Cybersecurity and IT professionals’ areas of concern and frustration


This includes revealing insights into regional and country-level statistics including:

  • Cybersecurity and IT professionals experiencing cyber burnout
  • Companies experiencing resignations of cybersecurity and IT professionals due to cyber burnout
  • Average hours lost per week due to cyber burnout
  • Top 3 frustrations of cybersecurity professionals
  • Board and SLT understanding of cybersecurity
  • Incident response plans – before and after an attack
  • Effectiveness of training and education