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无论您是保护基本的 Windows 文件服务器还是复杂的 Linux 应用程序服务器,您都需要最好的防病毒保护 - 而不占用宝贵的系统资源。我们的核心防病毒引擎交付:

  • 前摄的未知威胁检测
  • 频繁、轻量级的定义更新
  • SophosLabs 支持的实时 Live Protection

Next Gen Simple Management

Performance Without Impact

Sophos Server Protection ensures that while protecting your Windows, Linux, UNIX, and virtualized server environments from malicious attacks your servers continue running at peak performance.

  • Extremely lightweight with a small footprint
  • Automatic scanning exclusions increase performance and reduce risk of disturbing key applications
  • Small delta updates are compressed to speed updates
  • Optionally schedule scans
  • Server application whitelisting/lockdown — permits only trusted applications, further enhancing performance

One-Click Server Lockdown

Get powerful protection with our lockdown capabilities that let you whitelist your applications and lockdown your servers simply by clicking a button. Sophos One-click Lockdown automatically recognizes your server applications and creates trust rules, making your ongoing maintenance and change management a breeze. And, One-click Lockdown lets you easily enable a “default deny” policy for your servers, providing comprehensive protection from both known and unknown threats.

  • Powerful protection with the click of a button
  • No manual creation and management of whitelisting rules required
  • Sophos Server Authority automatically establishes and manages trusted changes
  • Prevents in-memory attacks

Server Application Whitelisting Whitepaper

Secure VPN One Click VPN

Easy to Deploy and Manage

Whether you choose to manage in the cloud or on-premise, Sophos Server Protection is simple to set up and is just as easy to manage and maintain.

  • Automatic trust rules simplify management
  • Sophisticated functionality coupled with a simple, intuitive user experience
  • Unified policy model lets you manage all servers and associated policies from a single screen either on premise or in Sophos Central


您的服务器已虚拟化,我们的产品也是。我们功能齐全的端点客户端以低内存占用运行于 vSphere、Hyper-V 和 XenServer 等知名监控程序上。我们还通过 vShield Endpoint 提供无代理扫描,具有:

  • 自动保护新的 VM
  • 有效集中更新
  • 避免“扫描风暴”



我们支持各种各样的平台,可以为您所在组织的所有服务器提供保护。除 Windows Server 外,Sophos Server Protection 还可以保护很多流行的 Linux 系统(包括 CentOS 和 Ubuntu)以及基于 Unix 的操作系统,如 HP/UX、Solaris 和 AIX。


可选择最佳的方法部署我们的服务器保护产品。您可以选择 Sophos 托管的云管理安全服务 - Sophos Cloud。或使用 Sophos Enterprise Console 部署您自己的本地管理服务器。无论选择哪一种,您都可以获得直观的界面,让您可以管理所有的服务器和用户工作站。

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