Deloitte Ireland

lunedì 29 agosto 2011

"With Sophos, we can confirm—on an ongoing basis—the status of every device on our network, giving me complete reassurance that each of our people's laptops is secure."
John Gray, Director IT and Operations Department, Deloitte Ireland

Business challenge

  • In 2004, Deloitte invested in a full Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) program that resulted in the company deploying smartcard technology across the organization—including access to buildings, computers and printers.
  • In line with this, Deloitte identified the need for full encryption to ensure that the confidential information stored on every one of its people's desktop and laptop computers was secure.

Technology solution

  • Since encryption solutions do not typically have a uniform means of dealing with smartcard technology, integration could have proven a challenge.
  • But with the help of Sophos Professional Services, Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise was integrated quickly and effectively with Deloitte Ireland's existing security infrastructure, including the firm's smartcard system.

Business results

  • With the installation of Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise, Deloitte Ireland now has a best-of-breed partnership, combining smartcard and encryption policies.